Success Stories: From Aviation to Facebook Live Seafood Auction Seller

Jun 6, 2019 4:59 PM

Success Stories

From Aviation to Facebook Live Seafood Auction Seller

Jecc Tan is the business owner of Firstonlineseafoodbidding, a live seafood auction business. Although she had established a career in Aviation during her early years, she decided to leave this full-time job and take over her parents' business in the fish market. By learning from the seafood markets in other countries, Jecc had the ambition to scale up her business by selling her products online and via Facebook.

Watch Jecc Seafood's Story:

Being one of the pioneers of the live auction business in the seafood industry, she did very well and demand surged rapidly. However, the part-time drivers she engaged to carry out the deliveries of her seafood were unable to support this surge in demand. As such, she had to work long and late hours to deliver her own seafood. “Before Pickupp, I had to work until 11pm to do my deliveries. Now I can knock off work at 4pm. I have more time with my family now." Thankfully, making the decision to outsource these deliveries and switch from using part-time drivers to engaging a last mile delivery provider and courier service like Pickupp eventually led to:
  • A 40% Growth in Daily Delivery Volume
  • Time Savings of 7 Hours A Day
Best Same Day Courier in Singapore
What does Jecc Seafood love about us?
  • We give her a peace of mind. No more last minute “Fail to deliver” situations, especially during her peak season.
  • Because of our auto-save address feature, she can easily upload delivery orders for her regular customers, without having to key in their details all over again.
Address Auto-Fill Feature
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