Success Stories: How Guilt Cookies Grew Their Customer Base With Shop On Pickupp

Jul 29, 2020 10:38 PM

Success Stories

How Guilt Cookies Grew Their Customer Base With Shop On Pickupp

What comes to your mind with the names "Walk of Shame, Fifty Shades of Grey, A Tinder Surprise, Salty AF"? You wouldn't have guessed it - they’re names of cookies! But playful & creative names are not the only way Guilt Cookies differentiates themselves. The co-founders of Guilt, Grace and Kirsty, left their corporate lives behind to kickstart something they could call their own, and with Guilt, they bake seriously good, larger than life cookies with only the best ingredients. With more than 50,000 users on our platform and our capacity to do paid ads for Guilt, listing with Shop On Pickupp gave them the additional exposure and reach they needed for what was already a good product and brand, ultimately increasing their sales! Shop On Pickupp's affordable delivery fees also allowed them to provide islandwide delivery for their cookies at just $5, as compared to $8 on their own website. Read on to learn more about Guilt Cookies and how listing on our e-commerce platform, Shop On Pickupp, supported their new business! Explore Guilt's shop on Shop On Pickupp here. You can also download the Pickupp User app here. #EmpowerLocal #PickuppBaker

Meet Kirsty, co-founder of Guilt Cookies

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Guilt Cookies was started by two friends, Kirsty and Grace. They brand themselves as a Singapore based bake shop that is serious about making really good cookies. Each cookie by them has a unique twist are made with premium ingredients such as artisanal dark chocolate. And by unique twist, we mean little bits of goodness such as sea salt, hazelnut, honeycomb toffee, marshmallow and brownies, into their already decadent cookies. Customers are encouraged to take a guilt trip by purchasing their cookies! & their mantra is, there's nothing wrong with feeling a little Guilt.

On leaving their corporate lives behind

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"My co-founder, Grace and I, decided to leave our corporate lives behind to start something we could call our own. Baked goods/cookies is a pretty saturated and competitive market, but we’re working hard to distinguish ourselves from other businesses." They're aware of the challenge that lies ahead but are driven by passion and have formed strategic partnerships with companies such as Shop On Pickupp and even the gourmet sandwich shop, Park Bench Deli, to sell their cookies.

The Cookie that started the business - Walk Of Shame

Guilt Cookies - The Cookie That Started The Business
When asked about how they came up with their business and cookie names, Kirsty tells us that it started when they ate an entire plate of cookies. "We were sitting at our dining room table and eating an entire plate of the cookies that we had baked. We felt so shameful but we couldn't stop because it was so good… and I said something like it's like doing the walk of shame the next morning, and this inspired the rest of our branding and our other cookie names."

How has Pickupp helped to support their business?

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"Pickupp has expanded our audience and brought a completely new set of clientele for our business. They've helped to market our brand on their channels and this drove more traffic to our social media and website."

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