Success Stories: How Haritts Donuts Scaled Their Business With Shop On Pickupp

Jul 29, 2020 10:38 PM

Success Stories

How Haritts Donuts Scaled Their Business With Shop On Pickupp

If you're a donut lover, you would have heard of Haritts, the famed Japanese-style donuts - known to be one of the best in Tokyo. But have you ever wondered how they made its way to our shores?! Fluffy, chewy and bread-like, these special donuts were made available to Singaporeans after a friendship was formed between Ben, manager and co-founder of Haritts Singapore and its Japanese owners. He had spent 2 years learning their philosophy and the Haritts way of making donuts before deciding to set up shops outside Japan with them. Explore Haritts shop on Shop On Pickupp here. Read on to learn more about Haritts Donuts and how listing with our e-commerce platform, Shop On Pickupp provided them with additional reach and helped to scale their business! #EmpowerLocal #PickuppBaker

Meet Haruna Toyoda, owner & baker of Haritts Donuts.

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Did you know that Haritts Donuts originated from Japan? It all started with a Friendship...

Expanding Your Business With Pickupp
Haritts Donuts in Japan opens its doors at 8am everyday and it’s not uncommon to find a handful of people waiting in line even before the store's opening hours. To date, Haritts Donuts in Japan is 15 years old and is still going strong. Ben first tried Haritts Donuts in 2015 in Japan and it's not far-fetched to say that it changed his life! "I’m not a big fan of donuts but Haritts Donuts was so amazingly good that it changed my perception of donuts. I was so impressed by their donuts that I made the effort to get in touch with the owners of Haritts Donuts to understand how and why their donuts can be so good. And after 2 years of learning the Haritts way of making donuts and their philosophy, the Japanese founders and I decided to set up a shop in Singapore together."

Their Key Ingredients to Success

Haritts Donuts - Key Ingredients to success
When asked about the key ingredients to their success, Haritts Donuts tells us that it's their philosophy. What then is their philosophy? The firm belief that donut making and business success ultimately revolves around people. Holding on to the Haritts Philosophy, the bakery focuses on providing their customers with the best donuts using the best ingredients, the best techniques, and the best customer service. "We have stayed true to our philosophy, even in different countries and cultures (besides Singapore, we are also in Taiwan and Indonesia), and I think customers regardless of nationality or culture, recognizes and appreciates quality donuts, coffee and service."

Their Signature Donut Flavours for Singaporeans

Haritts Donuts Signature Flavours
"Our Cream Cheese donut is one of our most popular donuts across all the countries we operate in (Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia). The slight saltiness of cream cheese pairs perfectly with their sweet chewy dough to achieve the perfect balance between sweet and savory. " New donut flavors that were created in Singapore such as Pistachio, Speculoos, Nutella, Mao Shan Wang, Kaya and Crème Brulee are also very popular.

How has Pickupp helped to Support their Business?

Shop On Pickupp Empowers Local Businesses
"Pickupp has been a wonderful life line during this period. They are not just an additional reach to new and potential customers, but provide an additional service of delivery for the added convenience for customers islandwide. The marketing efforts and reach by Pickupp really shows as the number of orders from Pickupp increases every week, and the support from the Pickupp team is top-notch, from responding to our enquiries, troubleshooting and back-end support."

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