Becoming A Delivery Agent During Singapore's Circuit Breaker

Aug 13, 2020 6:50 PM

Pickupp Delivery Agents
The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted many businesses in Singapore, from the retail industry to F&B establishments and even last-mile delivery - sometimes for the better, many for the worst. Many were retrenched, some suffered a paycut. Yet, there is a silver lining in every cloud. As a delivery and e-commerce company, Pickupp has been fortunate enough to experience an increase in demand for our delivery services as well as an influx of people who were looking for a part time/freelance job and decided to sign up to become a delivery agent with us. Now that Singapore is in phase 2, and many physical stores have already reopened, some of these delivery agents that have been working with us during the circuit breaker period may or may not continue doing so. Nonetheless, we’re grateful that they had saw us through our peak period. Check out some of the ways you can offer gratitude to your delivery agents here. We interviewed a number of individuals who had left/were retrenched from their previous jobs and started delivering with us since the start of circuit breaker in Singapore. These are some of the many individuals who’ve chosen to stay positive in spite of the circumstances. Each of them come from different backgrounds, all with a story to share. As of 3 August 2020, all of them are still delivery agents with Pickupp. #EmpoweringIndividuals #CircuitBreakerStories

Becoming A Delivery Agent During Circuit Breaker

1. From Senior Director to Pickupp’s Delivery Agent (Francis Lim, 52)

Pickupp Circuit Breaker Stories - Francis
Meet Francis, former head of department a broadcasting and satellite company. After COVID-19 left Francis jobless, he decided to be a freelance delivery agent on various platforms and ended up sticking to Pickupp. Two months later in Phase 2, Francis was offered another full-time job in the corporate world but he has other plans now. "People get the misconception that holding a 9 - 5 or corporate job instead of an unconventional job is the ideal goal that we should be striving towards. In the process of climbing up the corporate ladder though, you may end up losing the essence of life."

2. From Dispatch Driver to Pickupp Delivery Agent (Andy Lai, 52)

Pickupp Circuit Breaker Stories - Andy
Pickupp was an additional source of income for Andy when he worked as a full-time driver in another company. When he was retrenched, Pickupp became his main source of income. "When I was retrenched during the COVID-19 season, Pickupp immediately aided me by providing me with more delivery jobs. With Pickupp, I’m able to have sufficient earnings during the coronavirus climate and I foresee myself continuing doing this job for a long time.”

3. From Ex SAF Navy Regular to Pickupp’s Delivery Agent (Yin Ming, 30)

Pickupp Circuit Breaker Stories - Yin Ming
Yin Ming was previously employed as a SAF Navy Regular when he took the plunge to make a big career change. He was led to becoming a Delivery Agent with Pickupp and it has been his full time job ever since. While the payout as a delivery agent is not the highest, Yin Ming found a working environment he was happy with and to him, that was all that mattered. "I left the navy because I wanted a change in my working environment. I might just be a delivery agent but whatever I do, I work at it with all my heart."

4. From Delivery Driver to Pickupp’s Delivery Agent (Feng Rong, 28)

Pickupp Circuit Breaker Stories - Feng Rong
Feng Rong was receiving a fixed salary as a delivery driver in another company when he decided to make the bold move of becoming a freelance delivery agent with Pickupp. Although a career switch during the circuit breaker in Singapore was not advised, Feng Rong is happy and satisfied in this current role. "Being self-employed has allowed me to earn more. I also enjoy the freedom of choosing my own jobs while making a living."

Whatever Your Circumstance, anyone Can be a Delivery Agent with Pickupp.

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