How to Better Manage Your Deliveries With A Digital Dashboard

Sep 24, 2020 12:08 AM

Pickupp Tech

How to Better Manage Your Deliveries Sustainably With A Digital Dashboard

We know how painful and time-consuming it can be to have to sort through and dispatch all your orders and parcels for delivery. All that time spent on managing your deliveries could be put to better use. Using technology-enabled delivery services are a surefire way of scaling up your business and #PickuppTech is here to help. While traditional couriers rely on paper and pen and have to sieve through piles of paper just to find an order, technology has allowed businesses using last mile delivery providers to store all their orders in a digital dashboard. With our digital dashboard, you would be able to filter your deliveries easily by date, pull out information on a particular order from years ago and avoid making mistakes with the ability to check back and ensure that your delivery details are accurate.

Features of a Digital Dashboard & its Benefits

Business Scalability
1. Orders Overview Managing thousands or hundreds of parcel delivery orders everyday? Knowing which orders have been delivered, which are still pending will allow you to preempt delays, mitigate your customer's wrath and provide a better customer experience for business growth. Instead of having to sieve through messages or call your delivery agents, all you need is a single dashboard view to help you keep track of deliveries. This helps you to save time and allows you to focus on your core business. Even if you do not have to manage many deliveries or face such problems now, as your business grows, with scalability, a sustainable solution is needed.
Digital Delivery Dashboard
Pickupp's digital dashboard can give you an overview of all the orders you've ever created over years, months, weeks and down to each and every day. Know exactly when an order is scheduled, enrolee, delivered, and even rescheduled.
2. Filter & Organize What if you needed to search for a particular order from weeks ago? A digital dashboard that filters orders by date will allow you to find that order in seconds. Furthermore, with a digital dashboard that stores every single detail and information you need, you'll never need to worry about missing information from years ago. You could also export the information easily and use it to monitor and analyse improvements in your deliveries, assess who your best customers are and make strategic decisions that will optimise your business based on this precious data!
Filter and Organise Your Delivery Orders
Pickupp's dashboard will allow you to filter an order according to specific dates that you select. You may also wish to filter the orders by status i.e. orders that were cancelled/not delivered.
3. Reduce Human Error Aside from our bulk upload technology that flags out errors in orders you create i.e. wrong address, having a photo proof of delivery and all the information with regards to your deliveries and customer data stored in a single dashboard will also prevent misinformation or miscommunication between you, your customers and the delivery agents.
Delivery Tracking Technology
Pickupp's dashboard track the statuses of each order with accurate details and timings and also uploads an immediate photo proof of delivery. The details of each delivery agent is also stored in every order. This will allow you to preempt delays, identify errors or late deliveries.

As a technology-enabled delivery platform that prides itself on deliveries that keep getting better, we continually update our features and improve it based on user feedback. Thinking of scaling up your business but not sure how to go about doing so? A strong delivery model is one of your key ways of doing so and we're here to help.