Success Stories: Flexibility, Transparency & Logistics Cost Savings with OSIM

Nov 25, 2020 5:41 PM

Success Stories

Flexibility, Transparency & Cost Savings with OSIM

A brand well-known for its massage chairs, OSIM, a Singaporean company founded in 1980, has been dominating the market for 40 years. Their secret to surviving through today's changing times? Constant innovation and expansion. This includes expanding their product offerings and creating new products to cater to current circumstances. For example, due to a rise in demand for ergonomic furniture and stress management solutions in today's pandemic, OSIM launched a gaming chair in collaboration with Acer’s gaming brand Predator, and a new well-being chair which uses biosensors to help customers measure and monitor body tensions. They have also remained relevant to younger audiences by collaborating with companies such as Disney. This business ethos is probably why they were so willing to switch from another delivery provider to Pickupp, a startup that redefines logistics with our tech and innovation.

Why Pickupp?

OSIM Delivers With Pickupp
Most MNCs would have hesitated before changing their delivery provider. OSIM however, was not afraid to switch to Pickupp because of the following reasons: - Better and More Affordable Delivery Services - Customisable Delivery SMS - 24/7 Live Tracking With our wide range of services, from express and same day delivery, to standard (1 - 3 days) parcel delivery, OSIM is able to use a single delivery provider to meet all of their delivery needs. While they previously had to engage 2 different and separate providers for these services, they are now able to interface with just 1 provider for any type of delivery request. In fact, Pickupp is likely the only logistics company that gives businesses the flexibility to choose from a variety of delivery windows.

Read on to find out how OSIM has benefitted from our tech delivery features and why!

OSIM Massager Delivery
OSIM recognises the importance of transparency and giving their customers full visibility into when their purchases will be delivered. Pickupp's customisable SMS function that informs customers on their parcel's status in every step of the way, as well as our 24/7 live tracking feature which offers real-time visibility of their deliveries and the ability for customers to communicate directly with delivery personnel for status updates, has helped saved businesses time on liaising with their customers on the delivery status of their orders. These features are unique to Pickupp and we've been deliberate in providing such offerings to ease the inefficiencies and lack of transparency that frustrates the consumer today. Read "The Courier Company With The Best Tracking Capability in Singapore." and learn more about the specific delivery features we have to impress your customers today. Other Success Stories: How Avomin Saved Time & Cost With Shop On Pickupp