The Courier Company With The Best Tracking Capability in Singapore

Apr 15, 2020 7:09 PM

Pickupp Tech

Pickupp vs Competitors: Best Courier Tracking Capability

There are many door-to-door courier companies in Singapore. Why should you choose Pickupp? Yes, first and foremost, we have one of the most affordable courier services in the market. You can find a comparison of our prices against other delivery providers here. Aside from that, we're really not your ordinary courier service company.

This is us and the services we provide in a nutshell:

About Pickupp
1. On-Demand Courier Service Create an order with us and we'll deliver to your doorstep under 4 hours. Anybody, even individuals with ad-hoc delivery needs can use this service. As compared to other on-demand courier services, our rates are highly affordable and comes at a fraction of the cost. You can get a quote here. 2. Regular Delivery Services Yes, we are a full-fledged delivery company with fulfilment and delivery services. We have a warehouse and function as a storage provider with pick and pack services too. We deliver parcels for businesses on a regular basis with our Same day and Standard (1 - 3 Days) delivery services. 3. E-Commerce Capability Like most eCommerce platforms, through Shop On Pickupp, we sell a variety of products that customers can purchase directly on our platform and mobile app simply by keying in their credit card details. What makes us different however, is the delivery experience. As we're a delivery provider, customers can select their desired delivery date and time slot for every purchase made on our platform. After making their purchase, they would also be able to track the status of their order, and know the exact real-time location of their delivery agent and parcel when it is en-route, exactly like a regular food delivery platform. Listing on this platform is absolutely free and ideal for businesses who do not have their own eCommerce and payment platform. With our database of more than 20,000 users, we won't just list your products, we'll sell them too! Learn more about Shop On Pickupp here. 4. Food Delivery Platform As an on-demand courier company, we also have the capability to deliver hot restaurant meals within a certain radius. We're currently in the midst of developing this function and restaurants interested to come on board and list on our platform can find out more about Shop On Pickupp here.

Because of all the above services that we provide, Pickupp prides itself as a technology-enabled courier service company with a fully transparent and advanced parcel tracking capability. Our delivery software and platform is an easy to use, fuss-free and efficient solution for many businesses who do not wish to deal with the hassle of managing their own delivery services but still want to impress your customers and sort through their orders in an organised manner. Best part? We're highly affordable!

Let's dive in and compare Pickupp's tracking capability with other courier companies and learn how you can make use of these functions to impress your customers.

1. SMS Notification Function

Parcel Tracking - SMS Notification
Whenever a parcel delivered by Pickupp is on its way, recipients will receive a SMS notification which provides important details such as the agent's contact number and a tracking link to track the exact location of their delivery agent and parcel in real-time. Your customers will no longer be kept in the dark as to when their parcel will arrive and with access to their delivery agent's contact, can easily check in on their parcel with the agent directly. Hardly any other logistics company offers that amount of transparency!

2. Customised Email Notification

Automated Email Notification of Delivery
Want to send an email informing your customer when a parcel has been dispatched, is enroute and has been delivered? You can do that easily on our dashboard! Instead of boring standard emails directing your customers to their tracking link, emails can be customised according to your preference. Send them more information or fun facts about your brand along with that email notification! Not all logistics companies offers that level of customisation!

3. Tracking Capability

Advanced Parcel Tracking Capability
Not all delivery providers offers a clear order timeline with the status of your delivery order. Pickupp drills down to the exact time an order is created, enroute and delivered. Fully transparent? Yes, please! Learn more about Pickupp's parcel tracking process here. While other food delivery platforms do provide real-time tracking of your delivery agent's location, most logistics companies do not. However, as a up and coming food delivery platform, Pickupp has that capability too. Best part? You can also be assured that your parcel is delivered safely in the hands of your recipient with an immediate photo proof of delivery that is uploaded once the parcel has been delivered. No need to spend time worrying about the reliability of your deliveries! Learn more about Pickupp's Tech Features: How Customers Can Reschedule Their Deliveries Easily With Pickupp. Pickupp's Bulk Upload Technology Feature: Create 1000 Delivery Orders in 1 Minute!