Pickupp vs Competitors: Why Our Same Day and Next Day Delivery is the Answer to Your Success

Apr 5, 2021 12:01 PM

Pickupp vs Competitors: Why Our Same Day and Next Day Delivery is the Answer to Your Success

There are many last mile delivery providers offering door-to-door delivery services in Singapore. Each delivery provider has a unique set of services but the most common delivery options available are:

  • Same Day Delivery and Courier Service
  • 2 – 5 Days Delivery
  • Pickupp offers fresh last-mile solutions with the following delivery options:
  • 2-Hour Express Delivery
  • 4-Hour Same Day Delivery
  • Next Day Delivery
  • 1 – 3 Days Delivery
  • What are the standard door-to-door delivery rates across different delivery and courier service providers in Singapore? What is the difference between Pickupp’s delivery options and our competitors?

    Fastest and Most Affordable Local Courier Service

    So we may not be the cheapest delivery provider in Singapore, but we're one of the most value-for-money delivery platforms. We also have the capacity to meet a range of delivery services - from your on-demand, express and same day delivery needs to your regular warehouse deliveries. At first glance, it's easy to dismiss our prices as "less affordable", but calculate carefully! If you spend at least $300 on deliveries a month, it really is worth it to enroll in our monthly plan and benefit from a 20% discount. If you only have ad-hoc delivery needs, our rates are still very competitive and sometimes more affordable than that of our competitors.

    Why should you choose our express and same day delivery services?

    Pickupp's Same Day Delivery Services

    1. Unless your product needs to be delivered extremely urgently, it is highly unlikely that you would need to spend more on a 1-hour express delivery service. In fact, 2 or 4 hours is fast enough to satisfy and impress your customers and meet your business’needs, at a very affordable cost.
    2. Instead of a same day delivery service where the delivery time is not fixed, with Pickupp, you can choose a specific delivery time-slot that will help you meet and cater to your customer’s schedule.
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    Here's how you can start using our on-demand courier services:

    1) Sign up for an account with us and create your order on our dashboard. Learn how to navigate our dashboard and start using our on-demand courier service here. For businesses who spend about $300 a month on deliveries, you can benefit from discount of up to 20% with our monthly plan, just sign up for a free trial with us here and we'll be in touch! You can also learn more about our monthly plan here. 2) Alternatively, if you're an ad-hoc user, with occasional delivery needs, simply download our Pickupp User mobile app here to get started!

    Why should you choose our next day or 1 – 3 days delivery?

    Pickupp's Next Day Delivery Services

  • Deliveries that take 3– 5 days actually can cost the same amount or even more than next-day or earlier deliveries with Pickupp! 
  • Going with this option will allow you to capture a market of consumers who need your products quickly.
  • If you are interested to learn more about how our 2-hour express, 4-hour on-demand and same day, next day, and 1 – 3 days deliveries can better your lives and deliver success for your business, fill up the following form and sign up for a free trial with us today!

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