Ride Safe & Stay Vigilant

Nov 2, 2020 10:57 PM

Pickupp Delivery Agents
Playing our role as a socially responsible courier company, Pickupp has linked up with Singapore Traffic Police to equip our agents with useful road safety tips which is also applicable to all of us road users. It is our top priority to ensure that our delivery agents and members of the public always remain safe while keeping to the delivery promises.

Being a road user is more than just following the rules. Here are some road safety tips that we can practise daily to keep our roads safe:

1. Always observe a safe following distance.

Pickupp x SPF Road Safety Tip Safe Distance
Do not tailgate and keep a safe following distance from fellow road users. Road conditions differ and road hazards may appear unexpectedly.

2. Signal early and check your blind spots.

Pickupp x SPF Road Safety Tip Blind Spots
Do not switch lanes unless the road is clear.

3. Check that your blind spots are clear before you go.

Pickupp x SPF Road Safety Tip Mindful of Road Users
Check your blind spots especially for vehicles that are harder to spot such as motorcycles and cyclists. Ensure the road is clear before proceeding.

4. Put phones away.

Pickupp x SPF Road Safety Tip Usage Of Phones
Do not use your mobile phone while driving. Taking your eyes off the road to pick up your phone increases the chances of an accident.

5. Be vigilant and obey traffic rules.

Pickupp x SPF Road Safety Obey Road Safety Rules
Cyclists to always don your helmet, stay vigilant and obey traffic rules when riding on the road.

6. Look out for others.

Pickupp x SPF Road Safety Tip Keep a Lookout
Keep a lookout for smaller or vulnerable road users, such as cyclists or power-assisted bicycle users, and pedestrians like children and elderly, who may dash across the road.

What should you do when you witness or experience a road accident?

1. Ascertain if there are any injuries. Stay calm and check if any medical assistance is needed for you or the other party involved. 2. Call for an ambulance if there are any injured victims. 3. Concurrently, report the accident to the Traffic Police via 6547 0000 or 999. As road users, we should always remember to exercise patience and graciousness. Always plan your route and time well and do not rush for your deliveries. Stay alert, drive carefully and follow traffic rules, signs and signals. Let’s do our part to keep our roads safe today! For more road safety tips, visit Road Sense's Facebook page.

Interested to be a delivery agent with Pickupp?

Check this guide here to learn how you can get started with us today! In the meantime, do check out the Pickupp's delivery guidelines and practice safe deliveries at all times. And if you need a little push, hear what our delivery agents have to say: >Becoming A Delivery Agent During Singapore's Circuit Breaker