Success Stories: Pickupp Handles On-ground Operations for Changi Eats

Jun 27, 2022 7:00 PM

Success Stories
Changi Eats
Have you ever wanted to order food from multiple restaurants but were afraid of the high delivery fees? Well, you can now order through Changi Eats! It is a food delivery service that was started by Changi Airport Group (CAG) in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can now order from up to five different food and beverage (F&B) stores in Changi Airport and Jewel Changi Airport, without any mark-up in food prices. Customers can place orders a day in advance or up to two hours before the scheduled delivery slots, which are from 12.30pm to 8pm daily. James Fong, vice-president of landside concessions at CAG, said that Changi Eats has “transformed the group’s F&B business model” and allowed it to do more to help local small and medium-sized businesses. To help with scaling up their business, Changi Eats has engaged Pickupp to support its delivery services in Singapore.

How Pickupp Helped Changi Eats

For a retailer like Changi Eats, having to manage logistics may be quite tough, especially since logistics is not one of its strong suits. If logistics is not a necessary part of your company model, outsourcing may be a good option. It allows you to have access to essential services that you could not utilise on your own. For example, it can help you to have the capacity to provide 2-Hour Express Delivery services for your business which could be hard to achieve on your own. Pickupp, a 3PL company, offers features like API integration with competitive pricing, allowing Changi Eats to enjoy cost savings while reducing its workload. The wide range of delivery services available means that you will be able to find one that meets your company's needs.
Changi Eats Order

Scalable and Flexible Delivery Options

Pickupp offers a variety of delivery services - from on-demand express to same day or next-day delivery. We are able to deliver items as quickly as 2 hours which can meet businesses’ urgent or last-minute needs. Customers can select a specific delivery time window on the day of delivery for same day delivery in Singapore, enabling them to receive their meal from Changi Eats quickly without having to order a few days in advance. Pickupp’s on-demand delivery supports their business model of allowing customers to place orders up to two hours before delivery. Most businesses rely only on a fixed delivery fleet model, which means that it is hard for them to adapt to the fluctuating levels of demand, particularly an increase in orders during peak seasons. This could lead to a delay in deliveries, causing a decrease in customer satisfaction. Customers expect prompt delivery of their orders and are disappointed when this is not possible. To effectively respond to fluctuations in demand, Pickupp uses a combination of freelancers and an in-house delivery fleet. The steady supply of delivery agents ensures that on-ground operations are well-settled to handle delivery demands and peak season increases. When met with peak season demands, Changi Eats can continue to focus on its core business and does not have to worry about logistical issues.
Changi Eats Delivery

Proof of Delivery

Shipments are secured with triple delivery proof - assuring both businesses and customers that there will be accurate, timely, and error-free deliveries. The three proof of delivery is e-signature, photo, and real-time 24/7 GPS tracking. When it comes to time-sensitive items like food products, customers want to know that their order will arrive on time and in good condition. With the e-signature and photo, Changi Eats will be able to know what the state or condition of the item is when it is delivered, ensuring the quality and accuracy of orders. Furthermore, the live tracking function will allow them to easily monitor delivery status, ensuring that they are well-informed of any changes or delays. If met with any unforeseen circumstances, they will be able to answer customers’ queries and advice them on the exact location of their parcel. Additionally, businesses can anticipate potential problems and quickly come up with a solution to enable their customers to still be able to receive their food while it is fresh.

Handle Bulk Deliveries with Ease

With a high number of orders daily, Pickupp’s bulk upload feature allows Changi Eats to upload up to 1000 orders and arrange multiple deliveries simultaneously. All you have to do is download a template, fill it in and upload it to our system! This enables employees to dispatch and deal with large quantities of parcels speedily and efficiently. Furthermore, with our API integration, businesses can easily synchronize the orders on their existing platforms to Pickupp’s system. Even if high amounts of orders are placed, they do not have to manually upload them, allowing them to save time.
Pickupp x Changi Eats

3PL Companies Help to Scale Ecommerce Businesses

90% of Fortune 500 companies seek assistance from 3PL companies. The 3PL business, which is forecasted to reach $1.75 trillion by 2026, has expanded dramatically along with the e-commerce industry. There is a good reason why 3PL services are in high demand. These professionals in shipping and fulfillment pick, pack, and ship products to your customers while keeping your inventory in their warehouses. While Changi Eats does not store its inventory with Pickupp, it can definitely count on Pickupp to provide efficient delivery services. One of the most important choices you'll make as you grow your e-commerce business is choosing a 3PL provider. Your company's logistics, customer service, and repeat purchase rate can be made or broken by the appropriate partner. Giving someone access to critical data like sales, inventories, and other statistics carries a big risk. Here at Pickupp, we want the best for our customers - helping them to scale their business well. We will help to streamline your businesses’ operations so that you no longer have to be concerned about delayed deliveries, poor warehouse management, or poor supply chain management. Committed to helping businesses like Changi Eats solve logistical problems, this allows you to focus on your core business, enabling growth.