Success Stories: How Matchaya Delivers an Authentic Japanese Tea Experience with Pickupp

Jun 23, 2022 7:00 PM

Success Stories
Matchaya Story
If you were given $3,000 to start a shop, would you be able to turn it into a popular chain store that would be seven years old in 2022? Kevin Chee, the founder of Matchaya, did it - and within three months of starting out, he had broke even. To all the Matcha fans out there, we are sure you have heard about Matchaya, a popular Matcha shop in Singapore. Did you know that a trip to Japan was the inspiration behind it? Mr. Kevin was a frequent traveler to Japan, and he noticed that he was unable to find high-quality matcha in Singapore that could compare to the ones he had in Japan. This was what pushed him to launch Matchaya in 2015, which started as a pop-up store in food carnivals and flea markets. The brand has come a long way since then, having four outlets in Singapore now. After rebranding in 2019, Matchaya is now a "progressive tea bar," showing its commitment to holding on to age-old whisking and tea preparation traditions while incorporating a modern touch.

Difficulties of the F&B Industry

When Matchaya business was first established, Mr. Kevin had to wear multiple hats, supervising the business operations 14 hours a day. His work does not end there - after reaching home, he has to continue with finance accounting, inventory management, marketing, R&D, and even logistics on his own. Fast forward to 2022, Matchaya has engaged Pickupp, a reliable logistics company to provide dessert delivery in Singapore for them, helping to lift their logistical burdens.
Shop on Pickupp x Matchaya

Some Common Challenges That the F&B Industry Faces Are:

1. Sudden surges in order volume As demand for food products in the F&B industry is unpredictable, it is important that businesses are able to provide on-demand deliveries. Festive occasions usually boost demand as more customers would purchase food products during this period, causing delivery volumes to be pushed to their peak. This can be challenging for shops to manage as they would require more manpower to do delivery services. 2. Optimisation of Delivery schedules and Routes To stay competitive, it is important that businesses achieve scheduling and route optimisation. Efficient route planning will ensure that businesses are able to deliver the products to their customers as soon as possible and increase productivity. This is especially important in the F&B industry where food needs to be delivered fast to ensure maximum freshness. 3. Increasing need for tracking of orders Being able to provide customers with accurate delivery information and tracking updates increases customer retention as customers know that they can trust and rely on that business. Additionally, in the case of delivery mistakes, bad weather, or accidents, parcel tracking can help businesses mitigate these situations quickly. While Matchaya already had both an online and offline presence previously, it still had to ramp up its online presence when the Covid-19 pandemic happened. The importance of having online distribution channels has been highlighted by the pandemic, as it allows businesses to connect with their clients via D2C (direct-to-consumer). They have partnered with Pickupp to deliver an authentic tea experience to its customers despite the previous Covid-19 restrictions. While the Covid-19 restrictions have eased, Pickupp continues to deliver Matchaya's products to excited customers. Read more: Courier Services in Singapore

How Pickupp Helped Matchaya

Matchaya is able to reach a wider audience and market its brand while being listed on Pickupp’s e-commerce platform, Shop On Pickupp. Being listed also gives them access to free islandwide delivery from Pickupp, a professional logistics company.
Shop on Pickupp x Matchaya
As Matchaya sells a wide range of tea and pastries, having timely pastry delivery services is key to ensuring the freshness of the products. Pickupp provides guaranteed on-demand delivery with fast and flexible shipping options. With how demand for food products fluctuates from time to time, it is important to be able to make on time deliveries. Delivery time can be arranged to be as quick as 1 hour from the time the order is placed or within timeslots picked. Pickupp is able to find the best route for the delivery drivers, allowing them to deliver the products to customers while it is still fresh and delicious! With efficient delivery, businesses can ensure that only the best quality products are served. Furthermore, with Pickupp’s real-time delivery tracker, customers are able to check themselves and know exactly when their delivery will be reaching their destination. This increases the productivity of Matchaya’s front-line operations as they are able to focus on other tasks and do not have to attend to delivery-related questions. With parcel tracking, businesses are able to monitor the delivery progress and solve any prolonged delays speedily, which helps them to be more transparent and accountable to their customers. Committed to helping businesses with clearing any queries or obstacles faced, Pickupp has a live chat function. Therefore, Matchaya is able to get in touch with delivery agents and receive prompt responses which allows them to have a better customer support experience.
Matchaya Delivery

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