Success Stories: How Pickupp’s All-in-One delivery platform Helped Young Hungry Free Reduced its Logistical Burdens

Jul 2, 2022 2:19 AM

Success Stories
Young Hungry Free Founder
Young Hungry Free, a blogshop in Singapore, was founded in hopes of being able to push the boundaries of local online stores. Winnie Ong, the founder, started the business at the young age of 20 as she could not find clothes in the market that suit the way she wanted to dress and the brand she wanted to represent. So she thought, why not start her own shop? Young, Hungry, and Free were words that described her when she started her blogshop then. It represents the constant desire to grow, persistent desire for more, and being boundless - knowing that you can do anything you want. This resonates with Pickupp, an all-in-one platform that helps many businesses with their last-mile delivery. We offer cheap delivery services across various industries, including e-commerce delivery, while constantly striving to provide the best for our customers.
Young Hungry Free Clothes

How Pickupp Helped to Ease Young Hungry Free’s Logistics Challenges

Meeting Customer Expectations

Customers value convenience and efficiency when it comes to ordering online and they would want to receive their parcel as soon as possible. This is when Pickupp’s flexible fulfillment options and efficient courier services in Singapore come into play. Pickupp has 4 last-mile solutions with the following delivery options:
  • 2-Hour Express Delivery
  • 4-Hour Express Delivery
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Standard (1-3 Days) Delivery
Being a fashion blogshop in Singapore, Young Hungry Free uses our Standard (1-3 Days) door-to-door delivery services the most. As we have a wide range of affordable delivery options, you are able to pick and choose which services you want based on your specific needs. If you are worried about meeting delivery demands for faster delivery and tighter delivery windows, our Express and Same Day delivery service are able to deliver. Have an urgent order to send? No problem! Pickupp offers a 2-hour Express Delivery option. With our flexible fulfilment options, we hope to help you achieve your business goals and meet customer expectations. Young Hungry Free places emphasis on increasing customer satisfaction, with fast delivery time being an important factor. If customers are looking for last-minute outfits, our express delivery service can help them to receive their clothes in 2 hours! Young Hungry Free also has a telegram group that serves as a platform for their customers to give feedback. Excited customers have shared about their delivery experience and receiving multiple orders from the same Pickupp Delivery Agent! This helps to bring about a sense of familiarity where they can associate Pickupp’s Delivery Agent with receiving their clothes, building a sense of belonging to the Young Hungry Free community. Read more:
Pickupp API Integration

Lack of Visibility Into Order and Inventory Data

Pickupp API integration solutions allow you to have a connected system between Pickupp’s system and your own internal system, giving you a holistic view of operations, and helping you to plan better. As a technology-enabled delivery provider, Pickupp believes in using automation to support businesses. After integration, the digital dashboard on Pickupp will allow you to view your order and inventory data easily. Furthermore, our API integration has also helped Young Hungry Free to reduce repetitive logistical tasks. Before using Pickupp, they had to create and update orders manually on other delivery systems, which means they have to key in the details of each order such as address and products one by one. With Pickupp’s API integration, the orders can now be manually synced and reflected on the digital dashboard. Having to handle large amounts of parcels daily, it is essential that there is an automated delivery system that can help to ease the workload on the team.

Responding to Supply Chain Disruptions

Unforeseen circumstances like weather complications can make it difficult to arrange deliveries and cause delays, which would be troublesome for Young Hungry Free as their customers would have to wait even longer for their parcels to arrive. Pickupp offers live tracking for businesses with a clear order timeline. You can easily find out where is the parcel at each moment which allows for a reliable delivery process for both your business and customers. With the parcel tracking capability, you are able to anticipate issues like delays, enabling you to address them quickly. This allows you to gain visibility into the order fulfillment process. Pickupp’s route optimisation feature can help to alleviate supply chain disruptions as well. You will be able to deduce the best route for deliveries, helping to save time and money. This is useful when your delivery schedule is affected by unforeseen circumstances as it can help you to effectively mitigate the situation by determining the fastest possible route.
Pickupp x Young Hungry Free