Pickupp Delivery Agent Incentives

Sep 13, 2021 5:04 PM

Pickupp Delivery Agents

Deliver for Pickupp & Enjoy These Exclusive Benefits!

Hello Pickupp Delivery Agents! Your welfare is important to us and we're always working hard to bring you the best benefits. Join the Pickupp delivery agent family and benefit from the following incentives. All you’ll have to do is be activated as a delivery agent and make at least 1 trip with us! Check out our latest incentives here:
Pickupp Partnerships
P.S. We’re working real hard to partner with more companies and provide you with more exclusive benefits so stay tuned to the Pickupp Delivery Agents Telegram for the latest updates.

#1 Attractive Mobile Plans

Pickupp Partnership With Circles Life
We know that data connection is more than just a necessity in today’s technology driven world. And with all that time spent on our app as you deliver, we know you need as much data as you can get! Which is why we’ve partnered with Circles.Life to bring you this special CIS Plan: 50GB + Unlimited Talk Time You’ll get to enjoy subsidised mobile plans when you join us as a Pickupp delivery agent and save up to 50% per month! Sounds attractive, isn’t it? Learn more about how you can redeem this benefit here: Circles.Life CIS Plan

#2 Exclusive Car & Bike Rental

Pickupp Partnership With MS Carz Leasing
Pickupp Partnership With Aloride
Want to deliver but don’t have a vehicle? You can always walk to deliver with us… but if you’re looking for a vehicle to rent, we’re here to help through our partnerships with MS Carz Leasing & Aloride! With MS Carz Leasing, your car rental will be as low as $48.15 per day! With Aloride, you will be able to save up to $20 on your bike rental! Doesn’t sound like much? But hey, saving $20 a month leads up to $240 a year. A little goes a long way! Learn more about how you can save through our partnerships with MS Carz Leasing & Aloride here.

#3 Vehicle Servicing Discounts

Pickupp Partnership With Car Doctor
Worried about your vehicle's high maintenance costs? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You’ll be able to enjoy exclusive car servicing rates at Car Doctor from $65 only! Simply present your Pickupp Hero App and you’ll save yourself from burning a hole in your wallet. Learn more about our partnership with Car Doctor here.

#4 Stay Protected With Insurance

Pickupp Partnership With MSIG
Protecting your car isn’t enough if you’re not protecting yourself! Get you and your loved ones covered with MSIG’s freelancer plan and you’ll enjoy up to $15 cashback! P.S. MSIG is one of the only insurance providers that has special coverage for freelancers like yourself! Learn more about our partnership with MSIG here.

Seasonal Incentives & Bonuses for Pickupp Delivery Agetnts

Are you ready for a special treat? Check out our latest incentive here and earn yourself some extra cash! Our incentives are seasonal and will run for a limited time only. We are always coming up with new benefits & incentives for our delivery agents. So do keep yourself in the loop and deliver more!
Do note that the higher your Pickupp’s Hero tier is, the more benefits you’ll receive. Check out how our tier system works here! Read more: Optimise Your Earnings as a Pickupp Delivery Agent P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on Telegram here for the latest updates.

Interested to join us?

Hurry, join us as a delivery agent and you’ll get to enjoy these exclusive benefits! Check out our delivery agent training guide to learn how you can get started with us today! Psst...if you have already signed up but have not been activated yet, feel free to contact us at sg-training@pickupp.io and we’ll assist you to be a part of the Pickupp family! In the meantime, do deliver safely and and stay vigilant at all times.